A Pipe Smoker’s Inquiry

My Tobacco Cellar: How much is too much?

I started my pipe smoking journey in 2012, thus some may consider me still ‘green’ when it comes to the topic of pipes and pipe tobacco.  However, I have always lived under the mantra that experience isn’t built in the number of years you do something, rather, the number of things you do in those years.  I have met some pipe smokers who have only owned 3 pipes their entire life and have puffed on the same Over the Counter (OTC) blend for 50 years.  This isn’t a bad thing, but does it make them more of a tobacco and pipe smoking expert than the individual who has only smoked a pipe for 5 years, has a 100 + pipe collection, and smokes just about every blend the market has produced.  No.  In fact, they both have an expertise and background that would be helpful to anyone looking to get into the pipe smoking hobby.  I only bring this up because there are indeed individuals on the greater world wide web who would argue otherwise.  If you are one of those individuals please understand….I don’t care what you think.  Anyone who actually knows my background would note that I started smoking a pipe in 2012 but was a cigar smoker long before I ever picked up a pipe.  In fact, I started smoking premium hand rolled cigars in 2006 while still pursing my undergraduate degree in college.  Without a doubt, this was my gateway into pipe smoking and remains a beloved enjoyment of mine.

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So now comes the big question.  How much is too much?  As a hobby, is there ever a true finite beginning and end?  Furthermore, what qualifies someone as owning too much tobacco?  Maybe there isn’t such a thing, however, I am probably close to owning more than I will smoke in my lifetime.  This reality doesn’t upset me.  In fact, I find it enjoyable that I have so many options to choose from when smoking a pipe.  I like to think of it as similar to dinning out.  I don’t know anyone that likes to have the same meal, from the same restaurant, over and over again.  I would be willing to bet that as time goes on, that meal and venue begin to lose their appeal and wanderlust.  Instead, I prefer not just options, but a buffet of choices when it comes to food and tobacco.

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If we dig even further into this analogy we could argue that not only are there several buffets to choose from but different options within each of these establishments.  I attribute my excessively large tobacco cellar to my ever changing and somewhat indecisive personality.  I have always liked options, and although it’s healthy to establish a routine, this is a place in my life where exploration is always welcome.  As stated earlier, I don’t claim to be some tobacco aficionado or expert, but I do value exploration and options, hence why I own so many blends.  Therefore, in my opinion, no, there is never an ending to our hobby or a point where you can own too much tobacco.

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With the constant overreach of federal governments, and frivolous anti-smoking laws, I suggest more people work to stock up your cellars and prepare for the worst.  No, not Armageddon, but when the day comes where we as pipe smokers and tobacco enthusiasts can no longer purchase our beloved leaf, I am confident my own collect will cover my needs until my days on Earth are complete.  So, if you chose to not stock up, sucks for you!  However, you’re always welcome to come share some of my stock.  I don’t think I’ll be running out anytime soon.

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For more pictures and details of my tobacco collection/cellar, visit my YouTube channel at:



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4 thoughts on “A Pipe Smoker’s Inquiry

  1. Good read! I always live by “prepare for the worst and hope for the best”. I really enjoyed the YT video, looks like a lot of time went into that treasure of pipe tobacco and Cigars. 🤙


    1. Thanks Jamin and yes you are correct. We never know what tomorrow has in store for us. Prepare for eternity and live like there is no tomorrow. Thanks for reading and commenting. Stay tuned for more each week. Be well friend!


  2. Hi
    I enjoyed reading your articles. Noticing your YouTube, I was wondering why the videos have been removed. Are you ok?


    1. Greetings Dr. Pearson! Yes, I am fine and thank you for the concern. I had to hide my videos on my YT channel due to job requirements and responsibilities within my new role. Thank you for continuing to follow me here on my blog. Stay well friend!


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