What to Expect on The Pipe Professor Website

Greetings and thank you for taking the time to stop by my website.  As we get things started up here at The Pipe Professor I want to first make you aware of the different segments you may encounter on this site.  First, The Pipe Professor webpage content will not be limited to only pipe tobacco reviews.  Although this will be a large part of what is posted, it will not be the only thing you can expect as the reader.  Other topics include cigar reviews, short stories, literature analyses, libation reviews, and general discussion.  The intent of this blog is to expose and interact with others who may share some of the same interests as myself.  I cannot promise that everything posted will be of significance to all readers, however, I will do my best to always provide my audience with entertaining and informative material so that together we can reflect on the small, but subtle, beauties life has to offer.

Old Gentleman Smoking a Pipe

A Pipe Smoker’s Inquiry

The first type of content readers of this website will encounter are entitled A Pipe Smoker’s Inquiry.  These segments will be composed of information, thoughts, rants, and reflections related to subjects that are currently on my mind.  You can probably bet that 99% of the topics discussed under A Pipe Smoker’s Inquiry segment will be pipe or tobacco related, but no guarantees that I won’t sneak a curve ball in from time to time.

Pipe Tobacco & Cigar Reviews

Pipe tobacco reviews, along with cigar reviews, are self-explanatory.  I want to be upfront that reviews of any type are always subjective.  Even in your favorite YouTube presenters’ videos, magazines, and other media.  They are all just someone’s opinion (and sometimes those opinions are purchased for a ‘good review’ to be posted…you won’t find that here).  Therefore, if I like a tobacco you don’t or hate a product you fancy, that’s ok.  There will always be differences in opinion and philosophy.  How we (you the reader and me the writer) interact on those differences will be the way we learn from one another on this journey.  Below you will find a breakdown of the scoring for pipe tobacco and cigar reviews.

Pipes Rating Chart

Cigars Rating Chart

Mystery Tobacco Reviews

Along with regular un-blind cigar and pipe tobacco reviews you will also find a segment called Mystery Tobacco Reviews.  These postings will be blind reviews of pipe tobaccos from different individuals including myself.  I will be sending out unmarked pipe tobacco samples, that will be selected by my wife, to other pipe smokers so we can do an objective and unbiased review of the tobacco for the readers of this website.  Each reviewer will smoke the same blend and give their thoughts and rating of the tobacco.  I will compile each of the reviewers’ comments and post them for all to see with an overall culminating score for the tobacco.  After this is complete, together, we will find out what the mystery tobacco was on the day of the posting.  Should be interesting!

Short Stories

I must admit that sometimes I imagine what it would be like to have the occupation of fictional author.  The thought of writing down the fantasy world in my head for others to live and enjoy has an odd but appealing intrigue to it.  Not that anyone cares about the make-believe stories I have to tell, but I feel it will be something offbeat and interesting to share with all of you.  Let this be my disclaimer.  In no shape or form am I promising this material to be good, so if you are expecting the next Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, think again.

Literature Analysis

Unlike reviews, these Literature Analyses will provide you with a breakdown of books, movies, media, games, etc. that I am currently consuming.  You will find that I may give my opinion regarding specific characteristics and details, or tell you if I enjoyed the product, but do not plan to do full-scale reviews.  Thus, presented for your pleasure, the analysis.

Libation Reviews

Who doesn’t like a good drink now and again?  I know I sure do, and since I reside in a region of the country where bourbon flows like water, why not share some of these rare gems with the lot of ya?! When appropriate, readers of this blog may find themselves exposed to some of the greater adult beverages on the market.  From wine, beer, and whiskey, to bourbon, rum, and gin, keep your eyes peeled for a those off-hand Libation Reviews to come.

So, without further rambling, I hope you enjoy the content here at The Pipe Professor, and I look forward to exploring interesting subjects with you throughout this journey.  If you have questions or comments feel free to contact me through the contact tab or at: thepipeprofessor@gmail.com.

Till next time, cheers!

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