Mystery Tobacco Review #2

Mystery Tobacco Review #2


With the first Mystery Tobacco Review segment being such a hit, we decided to continue on with this column and hope you enjoy these objective evaluations on various pipe tobacco blends for months to come.  For more information about the Mystery Tobacco Review project, please read the first Mystery Tobacco Review here.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the January 2018 mystery blend.  Similar to last month, the same three reviewers have graciously devoted their time and energy into smoking sample #2.  Enjoy!

On to the review…


From the Tin

Derek: Nice fine ribbon cut. Reminds me of Dunhill.  The tobacco is dry, but that is on me for not storing it correctly.  The aroma is unmistakably English. Not a lot of Latakia.

Corey: The aroma is sweetness from Virginias, but also some savory notes from either burley or dark-fired Kentucky or perhaps both.  Typical ribbon cut that is bright with just a few darker pieces of tobacco, it is possible that the darker leaves are Latakia (making it a light English-style blend), but my guess would be more toward the dark-fired Kentucky as it smoked more like a VaBur and seem to fit that flavor profile.

Kyle: Beautiful looking in the bag with lots of light and medium brown tobacco pieces.  From the smell and sporadic pieces of dark leaf I am guessing this blend contains Latakia and could very well be an English blend.  The ribbon cut is very nicely done, however, I found two thick stem pieces in my sampler bag and the tobacco is a little drier than I typically like to smoke.  Aroma from the bag was a light smokiness, dry spice, and nuttiness (there very well could be some burly present in this blend).

Tasting Notes

Derek: The moisture level and cut make this tobacco easy to pack and light.  My first impression is that this tobacco is a mild English blend.  There is a natural sweetness.  Very pleasant.  Very little smokiness from Latakia.  I can taste a good bit of Orientals in this blend.  As I smoke through the bowl, the Oriental “funk” turns into a fragrant spice.  No bite, no overheating.  The sweetness lasts throughout.

Corey: Lit well and took the char light perfectly…the tobacco wasn’t too moist, it was on the dryer side because I had left the pouch out too long before I got back to smoke it that day. But it didn’t seem too moist or dry before.  Room note was full of sweetness and a savory undertone like leather…and a slight bit of steak sauce. Burned all the way down perfectly with no relights needed, producing a good amount of smoke plume. Tasted just like it smelled, a mixture of sweetness with a delicious, savory flavor that just subtly teased the taste buds. The flavors weren’t too overpowering or strong, would call it a medium strength tobacco with just the right amount of flavor. Really enjoyed smoking this tobacco, no fuss, no tongue bite, no bitterness, and no bad aftertaste in the mouth.

Kyle: The sample packed well and lit well and generally performed nicely throughout the smoking experience.  I noted tastes of spice (on the initial charring lights), a dry grassy hay, and an ash/charcoal tastes while smoking.  Overall, each bowl was consistent but just dry and bland.  Aroma was of a smoky campfire leading me to believe this blend to be an English of sorts.  Strength and body were mild to medium.

Overall Impression

Derek: It is an interesting blend.  The Orientals seemed to take over in the second half of the bowl.  Despite being dry, it did not smoke too fast or get too hot.  This may become my preferred way to enjoy tobacco.  I enjoyed the sweetness and mild flavors that built up throughout the smoke.  I can see myself enjoying this one in the future.

Corey: I would certainly recommend this blend and purchase it myself.  It was an easy tobacco to smoke…didn’t take too much fuss or thinking, just performed well. I really think this blend would do well with cellaring as it already had that sense of blended flavors that a good cellared tobacco should have.

Kyle: Overall, this tobacco wasn’t bad, but wasn’t good either.  It was just kind of there.  I’m sure there are plenty of people who would enjoy this smoke but the combination of Latakia and Burley’s (if there are any) in this blend just didn’t do it for me.  I would say pass on this blend.  I don’t think I will be purchasing any in the near future.

Individual Scores

Derek (4 Pipes)

4 Pipes

Corey (4 Pipes)

4 Pipes

Kyle (2 Pipes)

2 Pipes

Now that we have established our thoughts and scores, it’s time to reveal the tobacco.

Mystery Tobacco #2 is:


Cornell & Diehl Father the Flame (2017)

 Info & Overview

Brand: Cornell & Diehl

Category: English

Blend Components: Burley, Latakia, Virginia

Flavorings: None

Cut Type: Ribbon

Available Packaging: 2oz tin

Price: $10.63 USD

Well that does it for this month’s Mystery Tobacco Review.  I suppose I was the odd man out on this blind review, however, hope you have enjoyed the thoughts and opinions presented.  As always, feel free to leave questions and comments below and thanks again to both Derek and Corey for their time and expertise.  Until next time, cheers!

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