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L.J. Peretti Thanksgiving Day


Happy Thanksgiving to all those in the U.S. who are celebrating with family, friends, and good food.  Although easily overshadowed by both Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving has always been one of my personal favorites when it comes to holidays.

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, the L.J. Peretti Company has a well-earned reputation in the pipe tobacco world.  With an extensive portfolio of tobacco blends ranging from Burleys and Latakia to Black Cavendish and Virginias, Peretti tobaccos have something to offer every pipe smoker.  To help celebrate the Thanksgiving Day holiday, the L.J. Peretti Company has created its Thanksgiving Day blend using a time-honored formula and unique press method to marry the tobaccos for a special smoking experience.  Being both seasonal and limited in availability, the Thanksgiving Day blend has become a staple for many pipe smokers during the Thanksgiving season. For more information on the L.J. Peretti Company and their tobacco offerings visit their website at: http://www.ljperetti.com

Info & Overview

Brand: L.J. Peretti

Category: Aromatic

Blend Components: Burley, Virginia

Flavorings: Fruit, Citrus, Rum

Cut Type: Krumble Kake

Available Packaging: 4 oz. cake

Price: $20.00 USD


On to the review…


From the Tin: When looking for visual examples of tobacco blending masterpieces, the L.J. Peretti Thanksgiving Day cake is certainly nothing short of perfection.  This visually appealing cake has wonderful aromas of dried fruits, alcohol, hay, straw, and herbs.  The cake is easily torn apart for ease of rubbing out and packing.  The moister level of the tobacco is spot on and requires little to no drying time before packing and smoking.

Tasting Notes:  Over the past week and a half I have smoked several bowls of the 2017 Thanksgiving Day blend.  The best way to summarize the experience, no matter what type of pipe used (i.e., briar, cob, meerschaum) is unique.  The primary aroma of the blend is a mix of a musty perfume anise mixed with an herbal/floral spice.  Tastes consists of sweet alcohol, fruits, nuts, cloves, and mild cocoa.  The blend burns well and is mild to medium in both body and strength.

Overall Impression:  In all honesty, I have mixed emotions with this blend.  Although I have had several enjoyable bowls, mostly in cobs, each time I smoke this blend in one of my briar pipes it’s just ok.  Going back to my original description above, this blend is best summarized as unique.  I’m glad I get to enjoy it during this special time of year, but it is not a blend I will smoke on a regular or consistent basis.  In fact, I will probably have plenty left for Thanksgiving 2018.  No doubt, the presentation and history of this blend is worth giving it a try, but the end result was less than desirable for my own palate.  Maybe I will revisit the 2017 Thanksgiving Day blend next Thanksgiving.  Who knows how a year in a jar will affect this tobacco?  For only time will tell.

Tobacco Score:

3 Pipes

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